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Lots of stuff

The "Games I need to play" list:
(I need to write it so I won't forget anything XD)

1. Dragon Age 2 - March - played
2. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - March 25 - played
3. Sims Medival - March - played
4. The First Templar - April - played
5. Witcher 2 - May - played
6. Fable 3 - May - played
7. Hunted: The Demon's Forge - June - played
8. Deus Ex - August - played
9. Trine 2 - October
10. Cursed Crusade - October
11. Skyrim - November 11
12. Torchlight II - December

~ and I'm sure there're gonna be some DLC's for Dragon Age and Assassin's Creed in the middle of the list. It's going to be a busy year XD
Eijun b&w

Merlin + extras

Well I must say that this episode was really cool :D I'm starting to love Percival *_* He's sooo cool and cute at the same time :D And I'm starting to dislike Gwaine :/ they made him so stupid in this series and a coward at that and he wasn't a coward in previous earlier!
And I like Morgana even more <33 She's still a bitch but a badass bitch XD It's a pity that Merlin can't use his magic so freely as she does :<< and that black coat suits her well :D
Is it just me or the music composer has changed? Music in this series is totally different that previously O_o

Oh and I just recently started to watch Supernatural and here's a little treat <33

I love you Dean XD
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Quick note...
I know that tv shows final episodes always end with suspense, but this time they overdid this... Castle ended REALLY BAD, Chuck REALLY COOL and Vampire Diaries like BIG WTF and now I have to wait till fall? That sux!

And I'm asking... where is my witcher?!
Eijun b&amp;w

(no subject)

Well I should be learning now but of course I'm doing something entirely else, that is a new layout (the old one was... well old XD). it should be Geralt on it but I really like this artwork of Adam and it's on my wallpaper, so... :D

Still 3 more days until I start swearing because my PC will be to slow to play Witcher 2 normally... oh pretty please, I really want to play it T_T

And I got my bike today (it's almost as old as I am xD, it's twenty!), gotta start riding it next week :D

I must say this year is full of fun things to do, lots of games to play (and I mean LOTS) and few really nice movies like Pirates (yay gotta go next week to see it :D), last Potter, Transformers <3, Sherlock Holmes :D ... Gotta finally find a job or else I won't have any money left XD

Well anyway it's about time I go read a book :D